NOVA Product Reviews from those who use it.

We make it our goal to keep communication lines open at all times to our customer base. It's always good to hear product reviews from those who use the software day in, and day out! This quote comes from one of our long time customers who has recently switched to NOVA from our Legacy product: "

As a recent convert to Nova and a long time TransEaz customer, i feel compelled to let you know how delightful and efficient it is to work within the Nova System. The constant interface with our drivers while using the dispatch system in itself is worth the upgrade. Not to mention the ease of use adding accounts, editing and correcting freight invoices and the seamless interface with our website. It seems that every day we are discovering new things in Nova that help us do our jobs better and more efficiently. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Tony Scalia ABERDEEN EXPRESS, INC.


Maximize Productivity

Realize productivity gains in different parts of your business from Dispatch Operations to the Accounting Department.


Web Connectivity

Allow your customers to take advantage of Web-Rating and Web-Tracing. Your customer service staff will have more time for priority tasks.


Appointment Alerts

Appointment Alerts keep your business running on-time and help you avoid demurrage and other fees.


Single Vendor Solution

Aurora Software offers a comprehensive solution that covers all facets of your transportation business.


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