Bitcoin mining can be extremely profitable...that is, for the hackers using your server!

Bitcoin has been labeled the "future of money" by many in the financial sector. It's a global commodity, or store of value, that continues to grown in popularity as well as value. Unfortunately there are also hackers getting involved and this could mean trouble for your servers if you aren't protected. There is a Trojan Virus currently infecting servers all over the world that draws the resources from your server(s) to mine crypto currencies such as bitcoin, monero, litecoin, and dash. This virus called "Trojan.BitcoinMiner.exe" was designed to draw your server memory asd processing power, but not all of it, so as to not easily be detected.

The syptoms of this virus include:

  • Slower processor response
  • Errors with the svchost.exe
  • Strange files being reated in your ../user/local/temp directories
  • Multiply occurances of w3wp.exe processes running in task manager

In order to wipe this bitcoin Trojan from your server, which is not very difficult, you must do the following:

  • Enter your server in Safe Mode with network support
  • Download and run

Yes, Bitcoin is rapidly becoming an important piece in the global financial market to safeguard against economic collapse by a corrupt banking system.  I predict soon your trucking company will be paid in some form of crypto currencies whether it be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PIVX, Ripple, Cordano, Tronix, LISK, or any of the other reputible currencies available. It's truly a new age in the payment system and Aurora plans to utilize every benefit of this revolutionary blockchain technology within our Transportation software. (more exciting news coming from Aurora in regards to Bitcoin and Crypto in general VERY SOON! So stay tuned!)

Aurora Software, Inc. provides a complete solutions LTL dispatch software, Truckload dispatch software, Intermodal dispatch software, Brokerage dispatch software, Air Freight dispatch software. The NOVA trucking software solution package we provice is state of the art and built to run every aspect of your trucking company.


Maximize Productivity

Realize productivity gains in different parts of your business from Dispatch Operations to the Accounting Department.


Web Connectivity

Allow your customers to take advantage of Web-Rating and Web-Tracing. Your customer service staff will have more time for priority tasks.


Appointment Alerts

Appointment Alerts keep your business running on-time and help you avoid demurrage and other fees.


Single Vendor Solution

Aurora Software offers a comprehensive solution that covers all facets of your transportation business.


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